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Where To Purchase Custom-Made Signs In The Philippines?

Updated: Jul 2

If you are a first-time visitor to the Philippines, you might have noticed big signs anywhere and everywhere. Lucky for most foreigners who want to have their signs in the Philippines, several companies today make and rent out official-looking signs. Most of these companies will sell you a customized sign, usually made from stainless steel or Aluminum.

Yes, Philippine roads are vast and, for the most part, off-color maintained. That is why having your customized sign will let others know that there is a specific rule or road hazard ahead and that they should exercise caution in their driving.

But where should you go to find the best indoor and outdoor signage? How much do these Philippine signs cost? How about the design fee and other costs? Read on to find out more.

Where Should You Buy Pre-Made Philippine Custom-Made Signs?

Get Customized Signs from Signage Hub Philippines

These are just some of the pre-made signs you can buy today. But, if you are looking for the best customized indoor and outdoor signage, look no further than Signage Hub Philippines. We are the best sign maker philippines'.

Day in day out, we strive to go above and beyond our clients' expectations to maintain our position as a leading signage provider in the country. The thrill of seeing one of our sign designs, which we are proud to claim as our own while strolling or driving down the main sidewalk, brings us great satisfaction!

We offer signs that are genuinely made for you. Choosing Signage Hub Philippines means that your order will be shipped from the company's location to your address. Get the best quality storefront signs, backlit signage, acrylic build-up signage, etc.

How Much Do These Philippine Signs Cost?

We found several companies offering affordable prices for made-to-order signs. Most of their standard designs are priced at Php from 4,500 - 7,000. Keep in mind – you may need to pay extra for any custom designs or logos on your sign. If you want to make it stand out, you may be required to get an additional custom design.

Advantages of Customized Philippine Signs

Customized signs have many benefits. Not only are they more attractive than standard signs, but you can also personalize them to your business. You can place your custom signs anywhere you like; however, some prime locations for signs. It is advantageous to put up a sign at the entrance and exit of your store so customers are aware of where they can find your services or products. It can be challenging to spot the actual door if you do not have signage. These signs also serve as an advertisement for your business. They let customers know what kind of services or products you offer and give them a reason to come in.

Wrapping Up

Now that you've read this guide, you know how to buy a Filipino sign from an experienced sign maker! One of the essential points you must learn from this article is the importance of quality. Choose a company that makes high-quality products and provides excellent customer service as well. Signage Hub Philippines is the best company for custom-made signs.

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